EoP adapter speed

I have a combination of first world problems

This would be a good place to use ethernet over power (EoP) adapters, and I have done this for a while with mixed success. I have NetComm NP504 adapters and they are generally OK with 720p content but I have noticed they struggle streaming high bitrate 1080p, and performance generally is variable - a file that will play one day will stutter and pause the next.

A quick check showed that 500Mbps EoP adapters are capable of around 10MB/sec. Unfortunately not for me:


This is SCPing a file from my NAS directly to a ext4 formatted USB thumb drive attached to the Pi, over the EoP adapters (directly plugged into the wall outlet - there are known issues plugging these adapters into extension cords).

It turns out that if your power outlets are split between different circuits your speed is badly reduced. So I can add to my list:

Hard wired ethernet is on my list of jobs but access is very difficult to the ceiling where I need to drop the cables.