Interesting links 25/11/2015

Interesting links for 25/11/2015

Fallout 4 pipboy relay

The Design Stamina Hypothesis. I’ve seen so many projects be delayed or fail due to lack of initial design or design rigour.

Reconsider. Not everyone has to be or wants to be a bearded hipster with a startup.

How to build an API in 10 minutes - uses API Gateway and Lambda.

Consigliere is a tool that makes AWS Trusted Advisor multi-account. Info is a little sparse right now, author looks to be adding support for sqlite DBs (currently redis only). Marked to come back to in a few weeks.

A reserved instances czar. I can attest to AWS cost control being close to a full time job. I only get time to update reservations quarterly which means we do lose out on some savings.

Mocking boto3 calls

Serverless apps with AWS Lambda and Algorthmia