Round-up 7th December 2015

Round-up 7th December 2015

Yellow Labs A score

Yellow Lab Tools is a great web page speed tester with suggestions for improvement. Here’s the result for this site. 91 is great but I’m not sure why I’m getting penalised for lack of caching, it is set up in Cloudfront so I need to check further. But hey, an A is an A :)

The Oncoming Train of Enterprise Container Deployments - an excellent article that echoes a lot of my concerns around Docker. I see Docker as enabling, improving and enforcing development and release practices but not solving your existing problems as if by magic. If you aren’t doing green/blue deployments now, if you are not using CloudFormation to build replaceable infrastructure, why will deploying Docker suddenly improve your processes?

Free access to PluralSight courses via Microsoft - some excellent content in there.

Browser based visualisation of Docker layers

S3Stat - log analysis for S3 and Cloudfront logs - I’m trialling this for this blog and will write up a review over Christmas.

PNG to ICO - I noticed (via S3Stat) that I had some 404 errors for favicon.ico - I only had favico.png. This did the conversion easily and for free.

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