Round-up 4th January 2016

Round-up for 4th January 2016 Happy New Year!

Hot cross buns on display at my local supermarket - January 3rd Hot cross buns on display at my local supermarket - January 3rd. Relentless.

Here’s my latest collection of interesting articles and links. Not all are new - just new to me (and maybe you).

The 12 Days of Lambda - a collection of nice ideas for Lambda functions - however I strongly recommend having a break over the holidays and NOT spending the time doing IT at home. Go for a walk, visit a museum, dig your yard… get away from the screens.

AWS Serverless multi-tier architectures - a good primer on combining API Gateway, Lambda and various AWS database options to produce a ‘traditional’ multi tier solution without servers.

The Serverless start-up - an excellent article on (again..) using Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB to build a cheap but flexible and scaleable site.

Integrating SignalFX, API Gateway, Lambda and OpsGenie - a great walkthrough, particularly of the concepts and setup of API Gateway.

Certificate Revocation Checking - just before Christmas, Google deprecated a Symantec root certificate in Chrome, saying it had been revoked. This page allows you to check the revocation status of the certificate (and chain) for any site.

rclone is a command line tool for copying and syncing files between S3, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Tracking baby data with AWS IoT - cool hack, Arduino is something else I wish I had the time for.

CloudSploit convert from EC2 to Lambda & API Gateway

Why we chose Kubernetes over ECS - at Fairfax we went through a similar process with the same result.