Round-up 12th January 2016

Bumpers up?

Image credit: Southern Illinois University Student Center ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A bumper selection this week as I’m still catching up from the Christmas break.

How to build a successful AWS consulting practise - something that’s on my mind for this year.

AWS Shell is a fantastic autocomplete AWS CLI shell.

Postgres 9.5 feature set - includes upsert

A Lambda function to check SSL certificate expiry. Maybe checking the IAM certificate store would be better for AWS hosted solutions. I see this is also in the new set of Trusted Advisor checks.

Receiving IoT messages in your browser - uses the messaging platform.

I am surprised that t2.nano instances support EBS encryption. Perhaps this will be a default feature from now on?

Custom CloudFormation resources for API Gateway

Pyutu - a Python library for the AWS Pricing API

AWS VPC NAT Gateways depend on EC2 Enhanced Networking

How to Automatically Update Your Security Groups for Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF by Using AWS Lambda