Round-up 18th February 2016


Lots of Serverless news this time - it really has momentum

Building a serverless anagram solver - nice, would have been good to see a cost comparison.

EFS benchmarking - rumour has it EFS is delayed because of performance issues with small files and these benchmarks from the preview service look to back that up.

Monitoring the performance of BBC iPlayer using Lambda, Kinesis and Cloudwatch

I’m not a fan of David Guetta but this serverless recording campaign architecture is very clever.

A serverless REST API in minutes

The Guts of a Serverless Service - part three of an excellent ongoing series.

Meshbird: “Meshbird create distributed private networking between servers, containers, virtual machines and any computers in different datacenters, different countries, different cloud providers. All traffic transmit directly to recepient peer without passing any gateways. Meshbird do not require any centralized servers. Meshbird is absolutly decentralized distributed private networking.”

Here’s a horrible idea. Link up the Simple Drone Service to Facebook’s database of faces (to which you handily contributed by tagging your friends in photos) and bang, automatic mobile person finder.

When Agile is the wrong choice for your organisation. Some push back on the ‘Agile for all’ idea.

I use Lucid Charts but Cloudcraft looks like a great alternative and is 3D. Having pricing info available in the design diagram is great.

AWS Pricing API

Resco is a SPA matching reservations to running instances.

Picking the right data store: one of many great articles coming through the AWS Startup Medium blog.