Round-up 8th August 2016

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Hey, it’s been a while since I posted here. My spare time has been taken up with my business, and with holidays - I spent a month traveling around the UK and France and following the Tour de France.

So this is big catchup time - some of these links may be a few months old but are still relevant.

Serverless corner:

What the hell is serverless?

Randomly terminate instances in an autoscale group using Chaos Lambda.

How to manage apt repos in S3 using Lambda to rebuild the catalog.

Securing serverless apps

Serverless NYC - a personal report. There are Serverless conferences running in London and Tokyo later this year. Sydney soon?

Smallwins have published some authoring tools for Lambda


A neat hack to manage SSH access with IAM.

Lessons learnt implementing an IoT Coffeebot. I used an AWS IoT button to control my Sonos system and can sympathise with the ‘don’t expect instant feedback’ comment.

More lessons learnt, this time from a year of running elasticsearch in production, some useful tips.

A really interesting look at the question of whether Apple should build their own cloud. Of course the answer is ‘yes’ :)

CloudNative introduced Yeobot, a Slack bot that allow you to query your AWS resources. Peter Sankauskas talked more about this and the plans for the future in episode 4 of Engineers & Coffee, which is well worth a listen.

Getting started with Kinesis streams - this is a great walkthrough including sample code for dashboards.

Cloudcraft have announced their pricing. I’m on the fence about this. The diagrams look pretty and the in-built pricing calculator is a great feature. Import is useful but is likely to choke on larger environments (or I expect the visualisation will struggle - every other tool I have tried in enterprise sized deployments has done this). I’m not convinced that 3D perspective diagrams are any clearer than flat ones - to me they are less clear. The pricing is high - I use Lucidchart and their Team offering is US$20/month for 5 users. For Cloudcraft, that’s US$245/month.

An excellent guide to using Postgres for pros and beginners.

Fn::Include for Clouformation templates

A walkthrough on how to encrypt ephemeral EC2 volumes using KMS.

All the cool Big Data kids love R. Here’s how to build an R cluster using cfncluster.

Sample Cloudformation templates for deploying S3 static sites, NAT gateways, and security policies.

The Segment Stack - build your own Heroku with AWS, Docker and Terraform.

Nulab migrated to Aurora with no service interruption.

CapitalOne presented in the keynote at re:Invent last year and have released their security product, Cloud Custodian. Looks a lot like Config Rules.

Site Reliability Engineering at Google - excellent preso.

It’s an article focussed on the game ‘The Division’ but applies to other (all?) areas of tech: never trust the client.

A really interesting look at whether AWS will release their IaaS for use in private data centres. The bottom line is - if it will make money, they will do it.

I don’t know enough about Google Cloud in comparison with AWS so this guide to Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals is relevant to my interests..

Some stats and info from AWS on the tech behind Prime Day.

À plus tard!